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Meeting Agenda

60080048I 蘇純慧 華語碩    F   
60080050I 袁慧敏 華語碩    F   
60080055I 陳美萍 華語碩    F   
60080058I 李子平 華語碩    M   
60080059I 何庭仙 華語碩    F   
60080060I 清水龍哉 華語碩    M   
60080061I 周莉娜 華語碩    F   
60080062I 林佩環 華語碩    F   
60085901I 林彥廷 華語碩    M   
699800423 林映均 華語碩    F   
699800576 黃雅寧 華語碩    F   



張惠婷、蘇純慧、 袁慧敏、陳美萍、李子平、何庭仙、清水龍哉、周莉娜、林佩環、林彥廷、林映均、雅寧 


張惠婷 <jemima.chang@gmail.com>
林映均 <699800423@ntnu.edu.tw>
林彥廷 <roylin1003@gmail.com>
袁慧敏 <60080050i@ntnu.edu.tw>
袁慧敏 <renneasreal@gmail.com>
何庭仙 <piglet_ching@hotmail.com>
蘇純慧 <Sandra0417su@hotmail.com>
陳美萍 <mandychen.86@gmail.com>
林佩環 <chongdekimo@yahoo.com.tw>
周莉娜 <nut_lenah@yahoo.com>
李子平 <gadajun520@gmail.com>
清水龍哉 <qbtcf@yahoo.co.jp>
黃雅寧 <world.ning@gmail.com>



Using a standard meeting template for all of your meetings can save you a lot of time and provide a much better documentation of your organization's decision-making.


Remember, you can create your own customized version of any PBworks template simply by tagging that page with the keyword "template".  From then on, any user of your workspace will be able to use your page template.


Meeting Topic: PBworks Launch Meeting



  • David Weekly
  • Ramit Sethi
  • Nathan Schmidt



10 AM, March 1, 2008, Main Conference Room



  • 10 minutes: What's going well
  • 10 minutes: What needs improvement
  • 10 minutes: Open issues
  • 30 minutes: Discussion of the key issue of the week
  • 5 minutes: Wrap-up



  • If you are having a physical meeting, the ideal is to project this page on the wall and add to it as the meeting occurs.
  • This has two extremely positive effects
    • It ensures that all the meeting attendees agree on the notes
    • It eliminates the need for retyping notes later on


Action Items

  • As the meeting progresses, add any action items to this section to make sure they don't get forgotten or dropped
  • During the wrap-up phase of the meeting, review the notes and add any additional action items that spring to mind
  • Each action item should specify the task, the person responsible, and the due date.  Here is an example:
  • Finalize and publish list of new features to PBworks.com Web site (Ramit Sethi, by 3/15/2008)

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